Model Maker, Justin Robson, has worked with the most creative minds in Australia for more than 30 years. His practical and technical solutions have brought to life those imaginations to produce outstanding props, models and prototypes for events, marketing campaigns, film and television productions and artistic installations.

Justin delivers on high quality, bespoke, 3D models, props and prototypes to produce unique products for a myriad of end uses.

You’ll see Justin’s model making work everywhere … in TV,  film, themed events, restaurants, festivals, exhibitions, trade fairs, PR launches, theatre, art galleries, retail spaces, zoos, museums and art shows.

High Quality Functional Prototypes

Justin is experienced in 3D prototyping of many different technologies and processes to produce real physical models of your design in the fastest possible way at an affordable price. Forget 3D printing – by the time you prepare the CAD data file, the experienced model making expertise of Justin would have made it! The old fashioned way is most often the fast and most affordable.

Prototyping is required when a 3D image just isn’t enough, prototyping models are often used as one-off or testing models, usually featuring moving parts or complex faces. These models are designed to be intricately built and closely scrutinised, often highlighting small machined parts or illustrating the insides of a handheld device. By working closely with the client during the initial design stage, Watusi can guarantee a high-level of accuracy no matter the size or scale of the prototype. For this reason, Watusi is the best source for Sydney prototyping models.

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