How does a model maker approach a new job?

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One of the great things about model making is the excitement generated around each new project. As a model maker, I appreciate the fact that my work is varied. Each assignment brings with it research, skills, materials and building techniques that were not necessarily used on the last job. Each …

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Mould Making


Watusi has many years experience in fibreglass moulding and has worked with a wide range of industries. Fibreglass moulding is a process in which fibreglass reinforced resin plastics are formed into useful shapes. Watusi provides moulding products and facilities at a reasonable cost. Many of our customers return because of our …

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4 ways advertising can attract consumer attention

Save the children

The quality of consumer attention has been falling for decades, and consumers find product information on the web rather than on TV these days. That what’s Thales Texeira, assistant professor in Harvard Business School’s Marketing Unit, explains in his intriguing working paper on the need for creativity in marketing: The Rising …

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Voyage to the Deep with the Maritime Museum

kids play on giant clam

This year, Watusi was thrilled to be involved in helping bring to life the creative mind of Em Blamey, the Creative Producer of the National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour who last night launched the exciting exhibition “Voyage to the Deep: Underwater Adventures”. Based on French author Jules Verne’s 1870 classic …

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