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Stone sculpture commission for Westpac

Watusi is owned by Justin Robson an award making prop and model maker for over 30 years.

In collaboration with a team of other professionals, Watusi provides design and fabrication services from concept to installation.

In our initial discussions and meeting, we thoroughly identify the needs, requirements of your project, including budget and timelines. This assures that the appropriate design, scale and material decisions are made with the right balance of technical know-how and creative interpretation. The end goal is an effective presentation model.

We are dedicated to the quality of communication in each project, whether a simple massing study, a working prototype or a highly realistic sales-office centerpiece. As specialists in scale models, mockups, exhibits and props, we employ a wide variety of tools and processes in our fully-equipped facility in Brookvale.  This is complemented by the technical skill and artistic talent developed over 30 years in the business.

We will help you to conceptualize, design and organize your physical presentation needs. Justin Robson, as chief model designer, has a diverse skill set and routinely works across a spectrum of industries and types of presentations.

The Watusi can arrange individual components of the process including: Laser-cutting, CNC Machining, Model Trees, Model Photography, and even Model Repair, which includes maintenance and updates of your existing models.

Industries we serve with model and prop making:

Ad Agencies

Using a scale model to sell an idea or design concept is the fastest way to make it real. Watusi has the talent and experience to produce the needed level of realism, detail and sparkle to bring the finished product from concept presentation to promotion & marketing while the actual product is in production – and if you need a model to tell a back-story in an ad, check out our Models for Rent.

Aerospace Engineers & Marketers

Using a scale model will make your vision a reality to your customers and the public. As a professional model maker, we have the technical skill and experience to also produce precision models of your engineering concepts, saving thousands in development time. Models show your product in physical form for many years to come, in your lobby, in a museum or as a prop in a photo op far more effectively than images alone. Call us to make your vision a reality.


Using a scale model to present your design concepts is still the best way to win a project. It removes road blocks and lets your audience to fully understand context, spacial relationships and flows. Watusi has the skill and talent to produce fast, simple models or parts that you assemble for very low cost.


Using a scale model to show your argument is the best way to engage your audience. There is nothing that makes a more lasting effect on a juror than demonstrating how something works in physical form. Watusi produces models very quickly from concept sketches, graphics, photographs and patent drawings. We go to extra lengths to design and build our models durably and for flawless presentation – every time!

City Planners

Using a scale model to show everyone the plan is the best way to gain support. Models create interest and excitement far more effectively than drawings alone. Watusi brings over 100 years of combined experience in developing the best ways to communicate your design and planning concepts in physical form, often saving thousands by clarifying confusions and putting the project there for all to experience. We can help you move the project forward with a model.


Design constructability and design accessibility models are the best way to ensure that there will be no delays in construction. Appearance models are the best way to experience form and spacial relationships. Using models saves cost and brings a high level of confidence that construction will move forward. Watusi has 30+ years experience in getting the job done.

Gift Givers

For that special achievement, be it a cherished home, a life-long business. or anything that has a special meaning, Watusi specializes in creatively conceived and thoughtfully designed works of art.

No two pieces are alike in concept, materials, size, scale or detail. Whether the goal is awe-inspiring realism or a unique abstract sculptural piece, Watusi can create the ultimate gift.


A physical model is the best way to show either the process of how your product is made or how it works. Watusi produces the most compelling trade show pieces and portable sales props to engage your public and increase your sales. Call us to help you figure out the best ways to show your product.


Watusi has been working for museums for many years. We work to the highest quality using the finest materials.  We also can produce Museum layout models for quick studies or with long-lasting durability to work with as exhibits change.

Product Designers

Physical models are the best way to experience a product. We specialise in producing models of the finished product at the concept stage of product development. Whether you design products for technology, point-of-purchase displays, household or any type of product, we can help you to present your idea to win the job, demonstrate its use or get everyone excited about the big picture.

Real Estate Developers

Using a physical model in your marketing center is still the best way for the public to experience the layout, materials and amenities of the completed project months before they can walk through it. We specialise in balancing scope of work and cost without compromising on quality. Our attention to detail, color and texture is how we produce the most compelling center piece in the marketing center.


Watusi designs and builds:

• scale models
• mockups
• trade show exhibits
• marketing centre models
• architectural & land use planning presentation models
• interior retail design models
• visual presentation & product prototypes
• engineering check & aerospace models
• litigation exhibits
• machined sculptures
• photo props
• packaging comps
• gifts & awards
• accessories for models
• commissioned works of art

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