Types of advertising props and models

Watusi makes of all kinds visual effects and models for advertising, display and special effects production

These can be toys, automobiles, consumer electronics (cellular phones, MP3 players, computers), footwear, medical products, home appliances and housewares, architecture, industrial design, even candy and food items are often modelled before they are approved for production. As many types of models exist, over the 30 years that the owner of Watusi, Justin Robson, has been in operation – he has had experience in many different skills from following detailed drawings and renderings, to free-form sculpting and creating finishes that mimic the look to be achieved in final production.

As professional model makers, we are problem solvers who combine our ability to adhere to strict specifications and dimensions with our talent for envisioning a finished product and bridging the gap between concept and reality.

As Model makers, we find ourselves often walking through life saying, “I could make that” when we see something that sparks our interest.

Model makers were once seen as “blue collar” positions, but we are professionals who are now taking our rightful place at the design table as an integral part of the design process. We are valued for our fabrication abilities and for their capacity to bring about innovation.

Watusi offers competitive pricing for our product development, as well as speed to the time-to-market process. We often work unusual hours when under a deadline.

We pride ourselves on our “can-do” attitudes and always give each project our complete focus.



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